The important of cup sizes for Coffee

Stronger? Weaker? How would you like your coffee?

Many people do not realize that the size of the cup is probably one of the most important factors for good flavoured coffees. A smaller cup size (5 – 8 oz) usually results in a flavourful caffe latte or cappuccino.

Speed is an important issue in a commercial environment and we therefore mainly use a single or double espresso. That said, there are places that have triple group handles.
A 6 oz cup with a single shot of espresso will taste very different than a 12 oz cup with a single shot of espresso. A smaller cup will do the espresso more justice and it will be much quicker to make. Smaller caffe lattes or cappuccino’s will also be healthier for your customers.

Big cups will have the tendency to taste more like hot coffee flavoured milk. A caffe latte or cappuccino should really taste like a good balance between milk and espresso. This means that large cups make it very hard for the espresso to punge through all that milk.

And do not forget that your large coffee should be twice the size as your regular.

Consider your cup sizes and really do try different cups. It is not for no reason that we use 5.5 oz cups for cappuccino’s in the Barista Competitions.


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