The Aeropress

The Aeropress is a manual brewer that is extremely easy to use and delivers excellent coffee. You can have the Aeropress on top of a cup to produce just one single cup of coffee. All you need is some ground coffee, hot water and a mug.

The best thing is to grind your coffee fresh with your own grinder, but if this is not possible then you can always buy some pre-ground coffee. The grind needs to be finer than an espresso grind, somewhere between the grind for an espresso and a drip brewer. However, the importance of the grind is not as important as with an espresso coffee machine.

And because you are producing espresso’s with the Aeropress you can use it to make Latte’s and Cappuccino’s (providing you have the ability to steam milk).


The Aeropress works with a filter. The coffee ground and water which are in the filter are mix together for about ten seconds. After this you press the plunger down slowly for about 20 seconds. The air pressure will push your coffee through the filter. And because it uses a paper filter you will not have any coffee ground in the bottom of your cup. It’s that simple.

The Aeropress has proved to many people to produce an excellent cup of coffee. Your coffee can even end up with some crema on top!

Here are step by step instructions:

– add the filter to the bottom of the Aeropress and place your mug under the Aeropress
– add a scoop of coffee
– add hot water (around 175 Fahrenheit)
– stir the mix and let the coffee and water mix for about ten seconds
– put the plunger on top and gently push down so the air pressure pushes the mixture through the micro filter in about 20 seconds
– enjoy your cup of coffee from the Aeropress

The amount of seconds, the amount of coffee, the temperature of the water and the grind of the coffee are all recommendations. We strongly recommend that you experiment until you have found your own perfect cup of coffee.

Click here to go to the website of the manufacturer.


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