More than one coffee in your cafe bar

Most people prefer to order the same drink everytime; whether it is a beer, a wine or a coffee. But everybody likes a change once in a while and some people hardly ever order the same drink twice.

It seems that the customers of coffee shops and cafe bars have to settle for the same coffee over and over again. The only change in coffee is the brewing method, which is mainly espresso based. So the customer has the choice between an espresso, macchiato, caffe latte or cappuccino. Go wild and order a cafetiere for a change, but that’s about it.

Most of the time the choice of coffees are limited because of the lack for additional grinders. We all want freshly ground coffee after all and it is very time consuming to empty the content of your grinder everytime. Right?

There are alternatives however. Why not purchase an additional grinder and use that grinder to offer a ‘blend of the month’? This way your customers get an idea of what coffees are out there. It also ensures that your customers are entertained and gives them something to talk about as well.

It is quite easy to offer different coffees when producing cafetiere coffees. Most coffee suppliers will offer cafetiere coffees in pre-ground sachets. This is great for your customer because they can explore different coffees. The same thing counts for filter coffee by the way.

Variety is very important and it prevents your customers from visiting other coffee shops around the corner.

Santos Retail Grinder

The Santos retail grinder can grind your whole coffee beans directly into turkish, espresso, filter or cafetiere ground coffee. This is a good option for your customers when buying fresh wholebeans. The staff or the customer themselves can grind the beans quickly and efficiently directly into a coffee bag.


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