Working Principle

A grinder has two flat discs that are called burrs. A very small space can be found between the burrs which sit on top of each other. The coffee beans fall between the two burrs, which spin in opposite directions with tremendous speed.


The fineness of the ground coffee can be adjusted by moving the two burrs closer or further away from each other. The closer the burrs are together the finer the coffee ground.


Doser Grinders

Doser grinders grind the whole beans into a coffee chamber. This chamber holds approximately 20 shots of coffee in separate pie shaped compartments. There are automatic and manual doser grinders. Automatic doser grinders will ensure that the coffee chamber is full at all times. The ground coffee in the chamber stays fresh for no more than 2 hours.

Doser Grinder

Grind On Demand

The Grind On Demand works on the same grinding principle as the doser grinders although there are a few very important differences. The Grind On Demand will grind coffee straight into the group handle. This gives you very fresh coffee at all times and exact dosing.

Dalla Corte Grind On Demand

Dosing with a Doser Grinder

The doser grinder has pie shaped compartments that dose the ground coffee. The size of the pie shaped compartments can be adjusted by turning the wheel (inside the coffee chamber). The compartments with coffee move clockwise when you pull the handle. This will give you one shot of ground coffee sufficient for a single espresso. Two pulls or two shots is good for a double espresso.

Doser Grinder Coffee Chamber

Dosing with a Grind On Demand

The Grind On Demand grinds the coffee for a set amount of time. It has two buttons, one for a single dose and one for a double dose. A single dose should take around 2 seconds to grind and a double dose about 4 seconds. If the group handle is taken away from the grinder before it has finished grinding, the button light will flash. You can then either finish the grinding by inserting the group handle again or you can press the button to cancel the grinding.

The dosing time on the Grind On Demand can be adjusted by pressing down both buttons for a few seconds allowing the menu to be accessed. Use the left button to navigate through the menu. Once ST1 is available on the scrren, the left dial can be used to change the time. DT1 is the setting for the double shot. Press and hold both buttons again until you see ‘Save‘ to save the settings.

Grinding Coffee

Grind On Demand


The burrs will eventually become blunt and need replacing after aprroximately 600 kg of coffee or 75,000 shots.


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