French Press / Cafetiere / Press Pot

The French Press, also called a press pot, coffee plunger or cafetière, is one the easiest coffee devices and are mostly used at home. The French Press produces strong coffee and is relatively easy to use. The most interesting fact about the French Press is that the brewing water is in direct contact with the coffee, unlike the drip brew coffee where the filter can hold back several flavours.

French Press

The French Press is a glass or plastic cylinder with a lid and a plunger. The plunger has a fine wire or nylon mesh acting as a filter. The coffee and hot water, just of the boiling temperature, are added to the French Press. The mixture of coffee and water is left to brew (also called steeping) for a few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) before pressed tightly with the plunger. This will separate the coffee from the water. You can stir the mixture but this is optional (before pressing down with the plunger). Also make sure that you thoroughly clean the French Press before use.

The coffee made from a French Press should be served as soon as possible, maximum within 20 minutes.

The coffee should be very coarse, much coarser than the grind for espresso and even coarser than the grind for drip brew coffee. It is important that the grind is very consistent and therefore you need a good grinder, just as with espresso. There is no reason to go cheap on a grinder for a French Press, the grind is just as important. You will need around 1 rounded tablespoon for a 4oz cup but you are free to experiment. Use fresh beans, 2 – 10 days after roasting, and make sure that your ground coffee is also fresh.


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