Foaming milk without steam?

There are a few ways to foam your milk without the use of an espresso coffee machine with a steam wand. The steam wand of an espresso coffee machine is the best way to foam milk given you use the right technique.

The whole idea behind foam is that you push air into the milk. The quality of your foam has to do with the way you push that air in. Cold milk gives the best foam and you will only get microfoam with a steam wand.

The first way is manually with a whisk. It will however give you quite some wrist ache. You can also add milk to a closed jar and shake it hard for about 30 second and microwave it.

The most common way is to a small automatic whisk like this Aerolatte. These small devices can foam hot or cold milk.

Automatic Whisk

You simply insert the whisk into the mug with milk for about one minute.

The most important thing to consider is the speed of the whisker. You also need to make sure that your milk, when steaming hot milk, has a temperature of around 60 to 70 C. When foaming cold milk make sure that the milk is ice cold. Room temperature milk does not foam very well.

Another device that you can use to foam milk without steam is this aeroccino.


And you can of course also buy a smoothie maker.


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