Espresso and Water

Quite an interesting combination: espresso and water. This is something that is definately worth writing a small page about.

As you might know, espresso is mainly water. Espresso works very good with different substances, such as milk and chocolate. It is a little bit harder to make espresso work really well with water but it is definitely possible.

A very popular drink nowadays. An Americano is hot water topped with espresso. It seems that the Americano has become the standard drink for a cup of coffee. This used to be instant or filter (drip brew) coffee. The main reason for this is the convenience for most coffee shops: one machine to produce all coffees. However, an Americano is a very different drink than an filter, cafetiere or instant coffee.

Espresso with sparkling water
Simply add espresso to sparkling water and try the result. It creates an interesting drink.

A variety could be flavoured sparkling water with espresso.

Espresso and steamed still mineral water
This drink amazed me a lot! Steam some cold still mineral water with your steam wand and make sure to add lots of air into the water.

Add the espresso on top of the hot steamed mineral water as you would with an Americano. It’s a good idea to compare this with an Americano.

The drink is cleaner, smoother and lighter than an Americano.


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