Barista Competitions

Qualifing for a World Barista Championship is something what every barista dreams of (well, most of them probably). To enter a World Barista Championship you must be the winner of a national barista championship, which is not an easy task. Participating in a championship is a good step for the career of a barista. These competitions bring attention to the wonderful job of a barista and are a lot of fun!

Coffee has become more and more popular over the last few years and we hope that these competitions will keep up the high standards in the café bars.

The barista has to produce 4 espresso’s, 4 cappuccino’s and 4 signature drinks (espresso, non-alcohol based drink) within 15 minutes to 4 sensory judges. There are also 2 technical judges and 1 head judge present during the presentation. Each drink has to be served at the same time in front of each judge.

The competitors are judged upon 4 criteria: taste evaluation, beverage presentation, barista technique and personal presentation. The standards are really high and can not be compared to the average coffee that you will get in a cafe bar. The barista has to produce excellent drinks and serve them in a professional manner. The barista is evaluated on everything he/she does. It takes months and months of training and dedication to perfectionize the presentation.


Competitors are usually baristi, coffee shop owners, coffee consultants, barista trainers and winning a regional, national or world championship is definately very beneficial to their career.

You can find the rules of the World Barista Championship on their website

If you are interested in visiting a Barista Competition then please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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