Amount of water for espresso’s

Look it up and you will probably find that an espresso should be around 1 fl oz (30ml). This is true most of the time.

It is not this easy though. The amount of water that the espresso coffee machine pushes through the ground coffee is very, very important. There is only a certain amount of water to push through coffee and too much water will result in very bitter coffee.

Espresso shot glasses pour

Always look at the extraction when producing an espresso. Keep an eye on the colour of the espresso that is coming out from the spout. We need a brown hazelnut colour. You will notice that the colour of the espresso will go lighter over time. This is because there is less and less flavour to extract from the ground coffee.

Different coffee beans will have different amount of water to push through. Every blend of coffee beans has a different maximum amount of water that can be pushed through. It is important that you look at the colour of the extraction. Stop the extraction when the colour is too light.

Espresso pour

Use shot glasses that have a line at 1 fl oz (30ml). The maximum amount of water that you want to push through the coffee is under that line. You will probably get the best espresso when you extract just a little under that line; something like 22ml.

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